Willem Ellis Jr.

Electrical and Software Engineer

New York, NY

Hello there! My name is Willem Ellis and I make things. Technically I studied Electrical Engineering and currently work as a Software Engineer, but all of that is already well-documented on my Linkedin. What's important here is that I enjoy making things. I pour myself into my personal projects every night after work. Anything I can dream up is fair game. Because of my ever-growing skill set I usually have the means to bring my ideas to life, but whatever I don't already know, I learn.

What I make


I'm currently working on my quadcopter, a project I started in the Summer of 2012. It evolved into my senior project for school and I continue to work on it to this day. Unfortunately it has yet to take its maiden flight, but the frame and electronics were designed and built by my father and me. The eventual goal is to have a fully autonomous craft.


This project was completed as a side-project relating to the quadcopter. I had to design and build a functioning altimeter in order to allow for altitude hold. A video demonstration of the altimeter outputting pressure readings can be found here.


I love beer, and I enjoy making it just as much as I enjoy drinking it. My love for making beer started with a small kit for making a gallon of beer. It was on sale at William Sonoma so I figured why not. This grew into a full-fledged obsession with making beer. I'm still a relative novice, but I find making beer quite relaxing as well as rewarding.

Things I use


I find the Arduino useful for quickly and effectively prototyping my ideas. I started with an Uno, loved it, and decided to add the Mega to my collection. I am currently using the Mega to control my quadcopter. You can see a video of the first thing I ever made with my Uno here.

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi allows me to connect my projects to the internet and do some awesome things. The first thing I made with it was a Twitter ticker. Currently I have it functioning as a database monitor using my blink(1). I would like to use it to make a nest clone in the near future.

Get in touch with me

The easiest way to get ahold of me is through email or twitter!